Years of Experience

Years of experience will provide good results and peace of mind for the customer.

Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed

We are always using only the parts and work methods that have been proven to be good.

All-inclusive Services

Because of already well-established partners we can offer all-inclusive service to our customers.

We are happy to help you with your
small bigger projects!

As the word PARAGON means “a perfect example of a particular quality”, we at Paragon VVS AS would like to follow this in our work and service.


Is your toilet blocked or leaking? Do you have problems with hot water?

Maybe you need some help with your heating system? Give us a call and we will help you with any kind of service you might have.


Is it time to give your bathroom a facelift by changing the hardware or are you planning to do a whole new bathroom?

Through us, you can get everything done very easily and exactly the way you want – We only work with High-Quality Professionals that we can recommend!

Ground Heat Pumps

Is it time to change old oil heating to ground heat pump?

We turnkey with delivery solutions of ground heat pump!
Call Henning and get a nice treat from the geothermal heat pump!

Tel: 90 12 12 52

Underfloor Heating & Radiators

We are delivering several different brands of underfloor heating systems. We provide the right plans and products to your project.

We provide all kinds of radiators and ventils and thermostat types. You can save a lot of money when your heating system is working in the right way.

About us

  • Approved HVAC company.
  • HVAC maintenance – All aspects.
  • A good cooperation Network.
  • Ground-source heat pump installations.
  • Installations of air-to-water heat pumps.
  • Heating systems.
  • We operate in Greater Oslo area.